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* Tax - Vat & Service tax will be applicable as per Government Declaration.
* T.D.S. - After deduction of T.D.S please pay within 7 days & give 16A challan within 15 days.
* PAN No. - Please register for PAN / TAN No. (if not please pay full amount of quotation to make us the taxes applicable to the government in time.
* Electricity - The society shall provide Electric power supply at one point at site for free of cost, further distribution and lights shall be our responsibility IF NEEDED.
* Water - Party Should provide free water with storage tank. please Provide drinkable water. Bore well or salty water may create white spot on dark color.
* Storage - Party should provide godown (material storage) with lock & key for storage of material & machinery.
* The rate include Labours, Tools, Machinery, Insurance, Scaffolding only.
* Special types of plants cost will be charged extra.
* Misuse of Scaffolding by antisocial activity or children's is total society's responsibility.
* Working Time will be from : 8.30 a.m. to 7.00 pm. in case of waterproofing time may extend.
* For Scaffolding Grills support will be taken.
* Competition period of work will be calculated from date of Color Shades selection by society.
* Final bills will be as per actual measurement which is specified in the given quotation.
* You are Kindly requested to inform immediately about broken glass windows etc. by our labourers which will be replaced by us, No complaint will be considered in such matter on next day.
* 100% guarantee can be given about leakage when the wall or overhead watertank is specially treated for waterproofing.
* By crack filling we could not stop further or other crack fermentation, only precaution can be taken.
* As per the requirement we may outsource the job to labour contractors but quality control and supervision will be our responsibility.
* If the party do not approve the shade/brand within 10 days (Rent of scaffolding will be charged extra per day to the society).
* Executive of work may stop if payment is not issue on time.
* Any change in work specification or changes society must give in writing. No any work will be carried out without finalization of cost & quantity with specified work order.

Be Careful:
* Do not discuss any technical issue with labour.
* Keep your valuable away from box grill window it may spoil with color
* Do not call our labour at your home without our supervisor or Watchman with him. Otherwise not any risk will be taken by company.
* For any change in job specification please give in writing.
* Please do not wait for our labour or Watchman to take care of your Valuable like car, bike etc. Please cover it in proper way. Contractor will not pay any compensation to the losses occurred.
* Please take care of your plants, pets, children's etc.
* Do not talk or discuss any matter with the labours working on scaffolding.
* Do not provide tea, Coffee, Snacks, Food etc. to the labours working on scaffoldings.
* Do not touch the wet color it will spoil your cloth.
* During the waterproofing work, may water come inside the flat and spoil your paint. Please check fall ceiling & wiring joints.
* During the waterproofing please check out your electric wiring. If any problem in electric wire it may create short circuit problem. Please fix out the LCB to main line or check out wiring with wireman.
* During removing of terrace waterproofing please do not stay below working area.
* Please Keep your valuable (i.e. Electric/electronic things TV., P.C. Mobile etc.) away or property covered below waterproofing area.
* Working hours will be 8.30 am to 8.00 pm. but at the time of waterproofing and china chips fixing time it may get late up to finalization of work.
* Please take care of your children.
* Do not hammer the waterproofing terrace fire cracking, Rough use of terrace, use of acid, may cause for leakage.
* Do not fix any anchor fastener, Hooks etc. to ceiling after waterproofing completed.
* Do not fix antina on parapet walls.
* Careful about false ceiling.


* Please do not use minimum 8 hours toilet, Bathroom & kitchen area for drainage after work completed.
* No ground floor pipes lines will be changed being as per LAW of BMC it must be cast iron, so it will only remove cleaned colored and reaffixed.
* No drainage chamber cleaning work will be done by contractor. Please ask your sweeper to clean all drainage chambers after plumbing work completed.


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