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Our Working Procedure & Fees Details Are Mention Below:


Various activities involved: Planning, Plan Review, 3D Presentation & Work Execution

Phase 1- Understanding Process (During 1st Meeting With The Client- Zero Visiting Charges - In Mumbai:
Understanding the area of design and location
Understanding clients social status, lifestyle and budget
Understanding needs & requirements/taste of the client

Phase 2- Initial Concept and Layout / Designing Fee Details:
To Start the Planning and other presentation Work a small token amount have to be made either as an advance or on submission of CAD layout. 
Taking measurement at site or referring to the architectural drawings received (if any).
Taking briefs from client as per their vision of their dream project.
Preparation of the measured layout plans of clients premises (floor plans).
Making initial 2-3 layouts with concept presentation.
Showing our previous work as a presentation (photographs only).

Phase 3- Final Layout:
Discussing initial layout with client and their team
Visiting couples of places with client, if they like anything about it and want to incorporate.
Preparing final layout to clients satisfaction

Phase 4- Cost Estimating and Contracting:
Preparing and discussing specifications and ambience of your place
Preparing rough estimate based on the final layout and desired ambience
Providing assistance in identifying contractors for various work
Identifying sources of various material

Phase 5- Execution of work:
Preparing initial drawings (elevations) for commencing work at site
Guide the contractors to commence work at site
Prepare necessary drawings for execution
Visit site for work inspection, guidance and correction
Meeting with client on site to understand their final requirements
Certify bills of various contractors and recommend client for payment

Phase 6- Finishing Items:
Checking of various works for defects, and recommending rectification
Finalizing colour schemes, veneers and polishes and recommending it to contractors
Inspecting the site for finishing work
Selecting bought out items such as light fitting, curtains, handles etc.

Phase 7 Handover:
Final inspection for satisfactory execution of all work.
Certifying final bills of all contractors
Handover site to client



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